305© Fitness is a fun dance cardio class that will have you feeling as though you’re just dancing it out to the tunes being dropped by the DJ at your local nightclub, all while increasing that heart rate and burning those calories!

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Barre Werks balances power and grace, using dance inspired moves, great music and light weights to increase your strength, improve your stability and build long, lean and toned muscles.

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Booty Werks will strengthen, lift, sculpt and tone your backside and core! This sweat session combines body weight and cardio moves with free weight exercises, producing the burn we are here for!

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Band Werks is a burn and sculpting experience! Movements designed to build lean muscle mass using time under tension exercises. Band Werks incorporates various forms of bands and gliding discs, leaving you stronger and leaner.

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Core Werks will take you through a series of exercises focusing on core engagement and stability, with the option to add weights, band and gliding discs to increase the intensity.

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Flow Werks Flows seamlessly from one posture to the next, building strength and length, all guided by your breath. Build some heat, shake yourself loose, and connect to your mind, body and spirit.

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